Every industrial steam turbine operator understands the problem of moisture ingress into bearing housings — an issue that many OEM standard seals cannot effectively prevent. If you deal with this challenge, you should know that ISOMAG magnetic bearing seals provide a water-tight alternative that saves you time, money and materials.

No more water removal

Condensate ingress is such a problem with steam turbines that many companies must routinely drain the water from the turbine oil. At ISOMAG, we believe this is unacceptable, and our unique bearing seal design for steam turbines will eliminate the need for this time-consuming task.

Proven benefits for the long haul

ISOMAG’s advanced positive seal outperforms other isolators to protect your steam engines by extending bearing life, eliminating wear, decreasing maintenance and rebuilds, and preventing lubricant leakage. See how our patented design compares to common lip seals and labyrinth isolators.

At work every day in the real world

Read about how ISOMAG bearing seals prevent water contamination in bearing oil for refinery steam turbines.

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